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Must-know tips while creating animated explainer videos

Gone were the days when people used to invest a lot of time in reading the content of different websites just to understand the concept. Today, no matter how large your business is, marketing without videos seems impossible nowadays. People are using animated explainer videos in one way or the other to capture the attention of the audience and take them to the next stage of the funnel.

animated explainer videos

According to the research conducted by Wyzowl, 86% of organizations consider videos as an effective marketing tool.

Businesses are investing a lot to showcase their marketing messages by using the right style of videos with the help of the best 2d animation company because appropriate video not only helps in generating leads but also makes it really easy to understand complex concepts without spending extra time and money.

Explainer videos act as a brilliant source to capture the true essence of what your business actually stands for. They are not only short but also hold a significant presence in explaining what your brand is all about.

Creating an explainer video is not a cakewalk, only if you consider a few points in mind. If you are also planning to make a difference with videos, you need to ensure that the below-added points are taken care of, as it will help you create a convincing video.

Tips for creating appealing Animated explainer videos

Let's get started…

Understand who your target audience is

It's well said that "Don't just create content to get credit for being clever — create content that will be helpful, insightful, or interesting for your target audience." Thus you need to keep in mind that everyone is not your customer.

Say if you are not creating content as per your target audience, then you are actually shooting with blind eyes. So, if you don't want to put all your marketing efforts in vain, then before jumping on the videos, try to do some brainstorming about your target audience.

You need to understand the major characteristics of your target audience, like which tone is liked by your target audience and suits your brand, appealing colors, the interest of your audience, and many more.

Moreover, you need to evaluate their problem and ensure that your video includes the pain points of the customers in a skillful way because it is seen that if customers get a suitable solution to their problem in less time, then it becomes really easy for them to make the decision of instant purchase.

Scripts should always be on top

Do you know that a killer script is a key to a successful explainer video? If your script is well written and covers all the pain points of your target audience, then it becomes really easy to capture the audience's attention and understand the concept. Yes, the script is the foundation of your video that decides whether it holds power to create a buzz or not.

It is seen that many agencies get the scripts written from outside. I would recommend you get it done by professionals who have experience in giving a fresh look to the content and appealing to your audience.

Make sure the script should be written in a way that anyone can understand and can relate to. You can divide the script into subsections to make it more clear. You should explain your product or service, for whom it is actually for, what challenges the product or service will solve, how it will actually resolve the challenge and how a person should get started.

If your script is to the point, then it will help the designers to stay on the right track and create appealing designs. So, whenever you proceed with the scripts, make sure it is appropriate and premium.

Fix the budget for the animated explainer video

Many people think that explainer videos are always costly. Indeed, Good explainer videos are impactful and effective, but it doesn't mean those are always created on a high budget.

While creating an explainer video, you need to know that videos can be created in different ranges from minimum to maximum; it depends on your budget and needs how much you want to invest.

You need to understand that many designers add extra for voiceover, but many do this in the overall cost. Thus, to get this done, your research needs to be very strong.

To minimize the cost, you can always work with your in-house team. You can also go for adding music instead of voiceover and can play with graphics. Along with this, you can also re-use the graphic design elements instead of creating them from scratch.

Yes, you will get a pool of ideas that will allow you to create videos without breaking the bank. But for this, you need to be very particular and active.

Don’t over exceed your video length

Whenever you create a video, you need to always keep in mind that shorter is always better. The lesser you explain, the more the chances that people will view your video and remember you for longer. Once you are able to get people's interest, you can easily take them to the next step.

As per the statistics, it is found that 73% of people live watching short videos as it helps them to learn about the product or service in less time.

Many people consider this as one of the hardest parts as they are unable to explain their ideas in fewer words, but once you successfully cut down your script that covers all the points, then you are one step closer to success.

Focus on benefits, not features

Another thing you need to keep in mind while creating an animated explainer video is the point that you need to cover in the video. Thinking about what? Well! Benefits are what you need to add to your videos.

Many times, it is seen that people focus on the features of the product instead of the benefits. But actually, it should not be the scenario.

No matter whether you are planning to create a video for a new product, website service, or application, you need to show the number of benefits that your product or service actually offers. Features are something that really doesn't matter to the customers.

Instead of showcasing its technical points, you need to let people know how the service or product is going to help them solve their challenges and make their lives better. Once you are able to make people believe in your brand, it will become easy for you to convert.

Add a professional voice to your video

No matter how strong your video is, if your video uses poor audio quality, then it would be really hard to convince the audience to click. Indeed, nothing can ruin a video quality more than an unprofessional voiceover. This is the reason why companies are investing huge bucks in creating professional videos for their animated explainer videos.

But sometimes, it is seen that the quality of the voice is fine, but the voiceover is not added properly, which affects the overall quality of the video.

Thus, if you want to create a video that actually converts, then I would recommend you invest in a professional talent so that you can get a voice that is both professional and appealing.

Don't launch before proper planning

Many organizations don't bother about the launch. They just post the video on all their platforms without any second thought. Are you one of them? If yes, then you need to understand that this is one of the reasons why many videos are unsuccessful.

So, when you are creating a video, you need to plan for its launch. Basically, there are three major things that you need to look at. It includes the selection of a video host, marketing plan, and platforms where you need to integrate.

When we talk about video hosting, then there are plenty of options for you, but you need to make sure which option is the best out of all and fits your pocket. Once you are done with the selection of hosting platforms, you need to figure out the platforms where you can market the videos.

You can use social media platforms, blogs, emails, events, portfolios, etc., to share your video, but make sure the video is relevant to the platform and your target audience. Last but not least, you can also put your animated video on your website, as 86% of the people say that it helps in retaining the audience and generating website traffic.

So, if you want your explainer video to get measurable results, then you need to plan everything in advance.

Wrapping it up!

Videos are the lifesaver for every marketer. From promoting to explaining complex concepts, agencies are utilizing explainer videos to the fullest.

Well! Creating a perfect video is not easy, but if you are also planning to make a video, make sure you keep all the listed points in mind.

So, what are you looking for? Give an edge to all your marketing efforts with stunning videos. If you are still confused and need any expert advice, feel free to drop a comment in the section added below.