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How can Hotels Use Guest Data to Improve Hotel Operations

Guest data is the most critical information available to a hotel. Guests start generating data points from the moment they search for a hotel online and the data from the guest’s stops only when they provide feedback to the hotel about their stay. There is a wealth of data in such cases that can help the hotels in understanding the needs and requirements of their guests.

Guest Data

There is data available at every place in the hotel and managers can use this data to formulate business strategies that leverage the best features of the hotel. In the present times, the guests are extremely demanding and the hotel managers need to pre-judge these demands to give the guests a memorable stay. One way for hotels to use this data is by using a cloud based hotel management software to gather and categorize the data from guests in a meaningful manner.

Here are some reasons why guest data is an important metric when it comes to formulating a successful operations strategy for the hotel’s.

  • Data can help differentiate demands of domestic and international guests.
  • Data provides insight into behavior of business and leisure guests.
  • Guest data is important for judging market trends.
  • Guest data can help hotels in learning about the weaker areas of their hotel strategy.
  • Data about the demands of guests can help to cater them better on their next visit.
  • Data helps hotels to personalize stay experience for the guests.

Collecting Data Before the Guest visits Your Property

A web based hotel PMS is the ideal way to collect data provided by the activities of the guests even before they visit your property. This data can help you to tweak your online presence to ensure you are targeting the guests that are more likely to choose your property for their vacation purposes. Here are some more ways in which you can use a web based hotel PMS for data collection.

  • Get information about the devices guests are using to search for the hotel. Whether it is a desktop, a mobile, or a tablet. You can then serve ads accordingly.
  • Get information about the channels and codes that guests are using so you can improve on the profitable areas.
  • Age, location, duration of stay, check-in times and similar data can help you to create a personalized experience for the guests.
  • Knowing the reason for the guests’ travel, business or pleasure, can give you a better insight into the kind of services guests might be looking for.
  • Another important data metric is any special requests that guests might have regarding their stay. Whether it is related to their dietary choices or room preference, knowing this information and preparing accordingly can win you a customer for life.
  • Information about seasonal trends is a great way to figure out your promotions so you can maximize bookings during certain times of the year.

Data about the Guests When They Arrive at the Property

A cloud based hotel property management software can help the hotel staff in tagging relevant information in each guest’s profile that they can share across the properties managed under the brand name. Here are some examples of the information types that the guests can ask for when they reach the hotel.

  • Guests that require extras in their room. This can be anything from wine to flowers to chocolates or fruits.
  • Guests that might be traveling with their pets. Pet friendly rooms are a great incentive for guests to choose your property.
  • Guests that are looking for activities in the region such as adventure or relaxation activities can be provided information about the same through marketing plans.
  • Certain guests have specific demands for their diet in regards to their allergies or food preferences. Special menu can be arranged for such guests.
  • Guests visiting for special events might require transportation to and from the venue. Such special events can vary from sporting events to music shows and more.
  • The purchases of the guests from the hotel restaurant and bar also offer great data insights into their behavior and this can be further used to create a one of a kind experience for the guests.
  • Guests sharing their email and phone number can be contacted for feedback regarding their stay. They can also be given freebies and coupons for their next stay.

Why is a web based PMS an essential part of data collection and organization?

Given the immense amount of data generated in every hotel, having a reliable and functional web based PMS is essential for data collection. Simply collecting data from different sources in the hotel is not enough, hotel staff also need to segregate and organize the data so that relevant and actionable strategies can be formed on the basis of the data.

Using the data provided by the guests is a great way to bring a personal touch to the services provided by the hotel. Personalized services will not only impress the guests, but also give them a reason to choose the property again.


The coming few years are going to be the most important time for hotels. The competition is at an all-time high and every business needs to stay ahead of their competitors to survive and make profits along the way. The right hotel management software can help hotel owners in multiple ways, from managing the guest data to creating strategies that help the hotel in the long run. The key is to choose a hotel software that can be customized to suit the needs and requirements of the property.

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