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9 Designer and Planner Software for Bathrooms

The majority of homeowners want to create their bathrooms. They are unable to make the jump due to a lack of understanding and artistic skill. Software is now available to assist homeowners in planning and designing their bathrooms.

bathroom software

No one designs a new bathroom or remodels an old one using a ruler, pencil, and paper. Several bathroom designers and planner software applications can assist in creating unique designs. They also allow you to visualize how your finished product will appear before you begin the job.

All of these design applications come with built-in sketching tools and ready-to-use bathroom ideas. This makes it simple to design a new bathroom or make changes to an existing one.

What Are Bathroom Designer and Planner Software?

Bathroom designer & planner software allows you to create bathroom layouts and more in minutes. They're a simple yet effective bathroom design solution.

With designer and planner software for bathrooms, you can create your floor plan and build your ideal design. You can also choose supplies, and visualize the completed bathroom project. These bathroom apps are less expensive and easier to use than ever before. These programs and tools are cross-platform, allowing you to use them whenever and wherever you choose.

9 Designer and Planner Software for Bathrooms

1. Tile 3D Bathroom Design

Tile 3D Bathroom Designs is a premium software tool that lets you create tile pattern layouts and bathroom design ideas in three dimensions.

You can create working drawings and realistic perspectives. You can also have a "tile cover calculation" tool that lets you quickly determine the number of tiles needed for your project with a single click.

A one-month workstation license costs $49 USD, while a permanent workstation license costs $558 USD.

2. DreamPlan Home Design

DreamPlan Home Design program allows you to design a floor plan for your bathroom. This covers the placement of equipment such as fixtures and free-standing tubs.

If you're having difficulties deciding where to put your faucet, showers, or linen cabinets, the program can quickly create the layout in 3D, 2D rendering, or 2D blueprint mode.

It contains a large library of appliances, lighting, and plumbing fixtures that can be imported into the blueprint to see how they fit in. You're ready to export the layout of your bathroom once you've built the walls, installed the plumbing, and changed the colors.

DreamPlan Home Design Software is available for a one-time fee of $24.99 per user. There is a free version available.

3. Total 3D Home

A total 3D Home is professional software that helps you design your bathroom while saving time and money. The software has a user-friendly interface and has over a thousand templates. You may also use the program to scan and trace designs to obtain a better grasp of your dream bathroom.

To obtain a better understanding, you may use the program to import digital photographs of your favorite freestanding bathtub, bathtub accessories, and faucet.

Total 3D Home has several 2D rendering features that can be converted into 3D models with a single click. In 3D mode, you may modify the model of your bathtub, redesign your floor, and tweak the fittings.

The pricing plan includes a $19.99 one-time purchase, and a free trial is also offered.

4. RoomSketcher

RoomSketcher is a bathroom design software for creating high-quality floor designs. These designs are easily understandable by any interior designer.


You may pick between 2D and 3D modeling in Roomsketcher at your leisure. If you don't comprehend 3D models, start with 2D modeling and quickly convert it to 3D. However, if you want to see your creations in 3D while you work, use the 3D modeling function. RoomSketcher is used by both households and business experts to create high-quality bathroom layouts and visualizations.

At $49.00 per year, you may become a RoomSketcher VIP. RoomSketcher Pro is available for $99.00 a year. A Free Plan with fewer features is also available from RoomSketcher.

5. Homestyler

This software is perfect for a remodeling project. You may utilize the bathroom storage units and other items offered on this platform to snap a shot of your bathroom.

The ability to recreate bathroom ideas and concepts found on Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz is a key component of Homestyler Interior Design's functionality. You may also scale the 3D bathroom furniture items and examine how they fit into your design process using the platform.

Homestyler is priced starting at $15.9 per month. Homestyler offers two distinct plans: Pro ($15.90 per month) and Basic ($11.90 per month). At $31.90 a month, you can become a Master.

6. Smartdraw

SmartDraw is a commercial 3D tool that may be used to generate a variety of layouts and blueprints. There are hundreds of lessons and templates to choose from, including floorplans.


You may modify bathroom floor layouts online or create your own if you choose. SmartDraw is also integrated with other popular applications and planning tools such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Dropbox, allowing you to submit professional-looking drawing results with just one click.

SmartDraw is available in two price editions, ranging from $5.95 to $9.95. SmartDraw is also available for a free trial.

7. Home stratosphere

This award-winning program serves as a one-stop shop for all of your interior design needs, including bathroom design. Home Stratosphere comes with all of the required elements as well as over four thousand details for bathroom modeling. It also offers cloud export capabilities, allowing you to store your ideas for later use.

This software's user-friendly interface makes it the preferred option for beginner homeowners with no prior experience renovating bathrooms.

Although Home Stratosphere is free, the website claims that there are several premium upgrades available while using the program.

8. Room to do

Room To-Do is a free cloud-based tool that enables creating 2D and 3D drawings easier. It's an online space planning and interior design tool that runs on a browser. It also offers a "walk view" feature that allows you to walk through your project and observe it from every angle.

Without any specific design abilities, Room to do is a beginner-level planning program that allows you to plan, create, and decorate your bathroom. It's also a user-friendly and powerful web-based application.

The program allows you to create a 2D blueprint and then layer 3D models on top of it. Hundreds of models of doors, windows, fixtures, and bathtubs are available in Room to Do's extensive collection. In 3D mode, you can see the results from numerous perspectives and email the design directly from the app.

9. Easy Planner 3D

3D Room Planner is a free bathroom planning application that helps you create a highly personalized 3D free-standing tub layout. It does this by providing top-notch design suggestions. To begin, use the Room Styler platform to alter your design in 2D. Then you can pick bathroom storage equipment and furniture from their templates.

The two-dimensional plane is then turned into a three-dimensional perspective and three-dimensional pictures. To save your 3D bathroom, you'll also need to create a user account. Using the easy "drag and drop" approach, you can effortlessly furnish your floor plan. Another essential feature is the well-organized content collection.


If you don't have any expertise with 3D model development, planning and redesigning bathrooms might be a pain. However, all of these software tools will assist you in achieving excellent outcomes without the need for any specific talents.