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5 Effective Essay Writing Tips and Tricks for a Newbie

Writing an essay is no easy job. It requires good researching skills and the ability to transform thoughts and ideas into words. Not everyone is a born writer. Through practice, you can become better at writing with each passing day. If you are new at writing, here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:


Essay Writing Tips

Analyze the Question

Address the question directly. It would be best if you didn't beat about the bush but focused on the topic. You should know what is being asked of you. If the question asks you to describe, then be descriptive. If the question asks you to provide real-life examples, then you should look out for pieces of evidence and examples.

The more you understand the question, the better your essay will be. It is important to break the question into three parts:

  • Content words: Those terms that are limited to the task; 
  • Limiting words: Words on which the topic is focused; 
  • Directive words: That give direction to the essay. Words such as elaborate, describe, compare and evaluate.

Analyzing the question gives you a thorough understanding of the topic and presents all aspects of the topic. 

Use Evidence and Reasoning 

An essay is incomplete without adequate sources and pieces of evidence. The more examples you quote in the report, the better your essay. Provide logical reasoning in your article. Evidence provides information that supports your claim. It comprises specific examples, facts, and logic that elaborates your point of view. 


To write a piece of evidence in your essay, you must introduce it first. Don't begin quoting someone without introducing it first. Use a phrase at the beginning that points towards the quotation. When you mention it, make sure to give credit to the author.


Explain the underlying message or main idea that you wish to make while quoting the evidence. Pieces of evidence and examples support the argument and logic. To make your essay coherent, each new idea in the paragraph should link up to the main point in the essay. Elaborate on the main message that you are emphasizing through the evidence.


As a new writer, it is quite challenging to compose an essay on your own with supporting evidence and examples. Students are overwhelmed with never-ending assignments and tasks. Therefore, it is not easy to submit quality essays in a short time. If you do not have the time to submit an article, you can choose the best essay writing service Canada. It provides well-researched essays within the given deadline. 


Essay Writing Tips

Stick to the Format 

An essay usually comprises five paragraphs. The introductory note consists of the thesis point. The body paragraphs should have a piece of evidence and give logic and reasoning.


Each paragraph should follow a structure and format. The conclusion provides the gist of the essay and reiterates all the facts presented in the article. It is important to stick to the format. It helps explain the main points in the essay and gives a clear understanding of the topic. 

Write in a Clear and Concise Manner 

Be clear and concise when presenting points in the essay. Providing logic and reasoning isn't enough. Your essay should be coherent and clear. State facts and present ideas in a logical manner. You won't write an exceptional essay if your article is not written. The essay writing service Canada is a top choice among students looking for top-quality papers quickly. 

Give References 

Once you have finished writing your essay, it is important to cite sources and references. Check with your professor about the kind of citation required. For example, some universities demand Chicago-style authority, while others want a specific APA-style quotation. Whatever style you choose, you should follow the guidelines correctly.


Some students make the mistake of submitting the essay without double-checking the content. For example, if a quote is taken from a research journal and not properly cited, the report will be considered plagiarized. It can be a big mistake when writing an essay. To protect your paper from plagiarism, make sure to list down the sources and references from where the content is taken. When you properly quote and cite a reference, your job becomes easier.


Students who are busy studying hard do not get the time to write quality essays within the given deadline. In a hurry, most students forget to cite sources properly and submit plagiarized work mistakenly. Cheap essay writing service Canada is the best and most affordable choice for students who want to get top grades. 


These tips and tricks will help you write an exceptional essay in no time. Write the introduction and conclusion in the end. First, write the body paragraphs comprising evidence and logical reasoning. Write the first draft and then make the edits accordingly. Make sure you follow the structural format for a well-organized and coherent essay.