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What is Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)?

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) using company equipment should work. AMC is responsible for the efficient operation of laptops, desktops, smartphones and other devices. There is a signed agreement with the maintenance and repair officer for office equipment such as laptops, desktops, etc. Regular inspection.

Annual Maintenance Contract

With an annual maintenance contract, you can enjoy the privilege of fixing a hardware or software problem in your business from time to time for a small fee. Annual maintenance contracts keep work records to remind you how much work has been done at the company. The specialist takes care of the hardware and software needs and integrates in a timely manner to keep the business moving in all conditions.

Why is AMC so important to your business?

The Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) oversees IT maintenance, so if you have a good AMC on your desktop, your business should not worry. Contractor service officer who manages software and hardware in the office as required by contract.

1 - AMC saves money

AMC services are cheap and save a lot of time and effort for your business. You can manage your budget easily if you pay big bucks for annual repairs. It is designed for software failures or software failures.

2 - AMC services operate 24 hours a day

You won’t have to worry about software crashes or it doesn’t work as an annual maintenance contract promising 24 hours a day.

3-The device is well handled

AMC makes your business more efficient with well-stored hardware. Good tools lead to successful performance.

4 - Repair time

AMC providers are the specialists who provide maintenance services in a timely manner when they are most needed. The products are constantly inspected and inspected to ensure their longevity. During the contract period, they maintain and repair the device.

5 - Regular maintenance updates

AMC provides software certification without affecting the operation of the company. You also get regular updates on your phone to keep you updated on your operating system.

6 - Shown products

It is not necessary to inspect products delivered by IT companies, as AMC is responsible for the delivery of good products and also provides technical advice when needed. After signing an annual maintenance contract, do not consider these issues.

7 - Repairs by specialists

IT professionals will redesign the product in accordance with the procurement rules and will contact you when the work is completed. There is no need to hurry as they will finish their work on time. The two teams need to know each other well to strengthen the project and maintain a good business relationship.

How do manufacturers solve these problems?

To solve these problems and ensure proper and listed repairs, many manufacturers work closely with external importers and enter into annual maintenance contracts. An annual maintenance contract or maintenance contract is an ongoing maintenance contract approved by the production company and the service provider. Unlike repair work or emergency repair work, a company contract covers all aspects of essential equipment maintenance, including:

  • Anti-seizure strategy
  • Regular inspections and inspections
  • Emergency repairs
  • Dedicated staff of professionals trained in certification
  • Development and documentation
  • MRO asset management, including product optimization and storage management

In addition, a comprehensive annual maintenance contract can include professional technical implementation, training of current staff, safety training, system implementation and more.

Advantages of using AMC for Business:

Why is ignoring repair - a key factor in extending machine life, reducing downtime and reducing overall costs - often overlooked in many operations until an accident occurs? There are several reasons for this:

  • No equipment - time or staff
  • Bad weather
  • Built-in or not designed
  • They do not understand the need for improvement

In most cases, most of these things will happen at once. They cause maintenance deficiencies that can lead to significant maintenance costs, emergency repairs, component failure, and equipment maintenance if left unmanaged.


These terms do not stem from the negligence of the building authority. This is due to economic violations and priority decisions, which often involve production processes.

Benefits of annual maintenance contracts:

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) offers a wide range of benefits to a wide range of manufacturing companies, mainly air, automotive, construction products, heavy equipment, customer packaging, paper / pulp and tires.

The benefits of an ongoing annual maintenance contract include:

Specific and predicted cost: maintenance plans as required can quickly turn into an unexpected cost that has a huge impact on the entire budget. With a full annual maintenance contract, you can manage your account for the full long-term maintenance fee. By minimizing the changes to your repair plan, you can share more with your business without fear of further repairs or weaknesses elsewhere.

It is a guarantee that you will always get maintenance support. However!) The repair contract ensures that a specialist is available to solve the problem, regardless of time or situation. This provides security that employees cannot provide, as it is not always costly to maintain full-time skills if any problems arise. However, it is the contractor's responsibility to provide experienced professionals with a solution that solves all repair problems.

Logistical Maintenance: A comprehensive maintenance contract that examines all aspects of maintenance operations. This program offers important logistics benefits aimed at improving the outcome.

Long equipment life: Repairs are often regarded as repairing damage when it occurs - when there must be a continuous process with the main goal of using the equipment for as long as possible. By providing equipment to maintain a consistent maintenance schedule or forecast, a long-term maintenance contract aims to improve equipment performance, leading to greater performance.

Reduce downtown: Enjoy the consequences of organizational change, employees want to reduce or eliminate waiting times due to equipment failure. In the long run, a comprehensive system of annual maintenance contracts can reduce waiting times and ensure that repair repairs are carried out while there is less turbulence in the production schedule.

Peace of mind focusing on basic strengths: In situations where managers are unable to prioritize maintenance, there is constant discomfort and confusion in performing necessary maintenance work, which affects other parts of the business. The wrong way. Maintenance contracts eliminate this confusion by providing management, staff and other professionals of peace of mind management to focus on large-scale operations as well as other services such as innovation and customer service.

ATS is a leader in contract engineering and has decades of experience as a pioneer in holistic plant design. We can provide your machine with all the benefits mentioned above and many more. If you would like to discuss your maintenance needs and business objectives, contact your ATS representative today.