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Top 5 Study Destinations in UK for International Students

The UK has been a preferred student destination for decades now. A total of 485,645 international students enrolled in various UK universities in 2021, despite the raging pandemic. If study in abroad is on your mind, these top 5 study destinations in the UK should definitely make your list.

Study Destinations in UK

Each of these UK study destinations offer world class education and a diverse culture. Coupled with the right student accommodation abroad, these cities can make your experience in the UK a memorable one.


London has been consistently ranked as the best student city in the world for two years now. Home to more than 40 prestigious universities like the King’s College London, University of London, this capital city offers quality education at all levels. London, being the financial capital of the world, presents lucrative employment opportunities if the right connections are made. Lifelong connections can be built at your student home abroad, which are available in plenty in London.

The capital city has a thriving culture and is a paradise for art, food and adventure lovers alike. The city is home to an extensive underground train system though it helps if you choose study abroad housing at a convenient location.


Coventry has more than 40% international students in its universities and is indeed the most student friendly place in the UK. Titled the ‘UK City of Culture’, Coventry is a great option for those looking to study in abroad. The University of Warwick and Coventry University prides on their contemporary teaching methods. Coventry is home to luxury car company headquarters like Rolls Royce and there is no dearth of opportunities for qualified candidates.

Choosing the perfect student room study abroad will allow you to explore the lifestyle here. Coventry is a hub of sports like ice hockey, musical performances at the Warwick art centre, historical monuments and old school pubs. Putting up at a convenient study abroad housing will help students explore the vibrant culture.


This Scottish capital is a mix of rich culture and contemporary facilities and is a favourite among international students. The University of Edinburgh is one of the best universities in the world. Study in abroad at Edinburgh can be a life altering experience for international students. Universities in this capital city are tied up with prestigious institutions like the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Entertainment in Edinburgh is affordable considering you choose a student home abroad close to social plazas. From volcano hiking to fabulous shopping centres, there is something for everyone. You can also host gatherings in your student accommodation abroad to socialize and network with peers.


The second largest city in Scotland, Glasgow prides itself on its world renowned education system. An excellent study in abroad destination, universities in Glasgow date back to the 15th century. The University of Glasgow and Glasgow Caledonian University are pioneers of education worldwide. This picturesque port city is the hub of entrepreneurship and students can begin their career with some of the best startups of the world.

A UNESCO city of music, Glasgow offers a lively culture and a friendly community. Be sure to select that perfect student home abroad to explore the city’s events, exhibitions and museums.


With a huge multilingual population, Manchester is a great choice for study in abroad. This sprawling city is home to global institutions like the University of Bolton and Manchester Metropolitan University among others. It is a major economic centre of the UK with companies like Kellogs and Adidas having their headquarters there.

From hipster bars to lip smacking local delicacies, Manchester is a paradise for international students. There are a range of leisure activities to choose from given that you stay at a proper study abroad housing with all the required facilities. It is a lively city with a welcoming community that promises experiences of a lifetime to international students.

Each of these top 5 cities offer a unique lifestyle and education. However, to absorb all the perks, it is necessary to stay in a student room study abroad that comes with all important furnishings and facilities. If you are aspiring for a life altering study experience, you can begin shortlisting prestigious universities from any of these fabulous cities in the UK.