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How to Prepare for The Cloud Engineer

The cloud engineer is a profession that is growing in popularity. There are many cloud engineer certification programs available, including the Certified Cloud Computing Professional (CCCP) from and the IBM Certified Solution Expert - Cloud Computing Implementation Developer. 

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Here are some cloud engineer tips to get you started on your cloud computing career:-

1. Familiarize yourself with cloud computing concepts by learning about what service models exist in cloud computing, types of clouds , public cloud vs private cloud, virtualization , disaster recovery plans, etc. Gaining knowledge of what distinguishes different types of clouds can really help you decide which model best suits your organization's needs.

2. Cloud computing moves faster than any other IT innovation in the past and cloud engineers need to keep up with this pace by continuously learning about cloud services offered by different cloud providers. Learning about cloud-computing trends can help you keep track of industry changes as well as improve cloud skills. For instance, there are many flavors of cloud that have been introduced recently that weren't even on the horizon a few years ago, including cloudlets , fog clouds , and personal clouds .

3. Familiarize yourself with different types of virtualization  such as server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud storage virtualization, etc. Virtualization is key to offering cloud services efficiently  having experience with each type will make you more cloud-computing ready.

4. Understand cloud business impacts since cloud management services are still relatively new, it may help cloud engineers to take time and learn about cloud's impact on business processes such as finance, marketing, sales and operations; learning how cloud affects each process can make you a more valuable asset to your company.

5. Cloud engineers should gain practical cloud computing experience. While having cloud certification is an added advantage, it does not guarantee job security because the cloud industry is evolving so fast that even experts need to continuously update their knowledge by gaining hands-on experience. The best way for cloud engineering students to gain this experience is through internships or joining organizations with cloud computing projects. It would also be beneficial for cloud engineers to look for cloud computing training and certification programs that help you update cloud skills and knowledge.

6. As cloud computing continuously evolves, cloud engineers need to update cloud computing skills. The best way cloud engineers can do this is by reading books, articles, newsletters, etc. about cloud topics as well as participating in community forums such as LinkedIn's Cloud Computing group , Google Groups' Cloud Computing discussion board , Amazon Web Services forum and Quora cloud-computing discussion board .

7. Getting cloud engineer certification is also beneficial for cloud computing professionals. Earning cloud-computing certification is an efficient way to validate cloud skills and credentials earned in the cloud field. Several cloud organizations offer cloud-computing certifications such as Cloud Credentialing Council , IBM, Cisco, HP, etc.

8. Network with cloud experts by joining cloud meetups; attending conferences can help improve cloud skills and gain cloud knowledge by networking with other experts in the field. It is generally helpful for cloud engineers to connect with like-minded individuals on social media sites like LinkedIn , Twitter , Facebook and Google+ .

Here are some ways you can network:

Join groups that provide professional opportunities such as cloud computing groups on LinkedIn

Follow cloud experts on Twitter

Post and participate in cloud-computing discussions in cloud forums and social media sites.

9.To gain practical cloud experience, a cloud engineer can consider working in a cloud company. Not only does this allow you to work with experienced cloud engineers; it also provides exposure that is hard to gain when starting from scratch or graduating from college. Working at a cloud company gives an opportunity for cloud engineers to explore the fast-paced world of today's technology trends such as virtualization , cloud infrastructure management, security issues , etc. It also offers opportunities for career advancement by moving into leadership roles such as Infrastructure Engineers, Security Consultants, etc. Cloud companies offer competitive salaries as cloud computing continues to grow as a popular cloud service delivery model.

10. In conclusion, cloud engineers should learn how to work with cloud infrastructure. Understanding cloud infrastructure is important for cloud engineers because it allows them to design cloud systems that are cost effective and scalable enough to support the business's goals and needs. It also makes cloud engineers more capable of understanding and implementing new cloud-computing trends such as virtualization , cloud storage, etc.