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Flat vs Curved Gaming Monitor: Which one to Pick?

If you are planning to get into the zone of proper gaming and set up your console, you may have heard of flat and curved monitors. While flat monitors are what we have grown with, curved monitors are relatively new but old enough to be categorized as mainstream.

Gaming Monitor

Whether it's curved or flat, a monitor is one of the essential components of gaming. But when it comes to immersive one, the curved screen takes the lead for all good reasons.

Flat and Curved Monitors:

The primary difference between both these monitors is their overall shape. As their name implies, curved monitors feature adequate curvature, and flat monitors are flat.

Both flat and curved monitors are available in a variety of sizes, with their shape changing as they get bigger. The standard aspect ratio of flat monitors is 16:9, which means their height and width are somewhat proportionate, whereas curved monitors can have up to 32:9, which means they are noticeably wider in size than their height. Curved monitor proportion allows you to fit in a large amount of information, but they take up a lot of desk space.

Gaming Monitor Curved vs Flat: Differentiating Factors


Gaming Monitor -Curved

Gaming Monitor-Flat


Immersive due to its curvature 

Not the same level of immersion as curved monitors


Wide, long, and curved screen. These take up a large desk area

Simple wherein size varies with your preferred monitor

Colour quality

Superior colour consistency 

Their colour starts to distort along the edges





For extra immersion in games

For both gaming and PC


Curved vs Flats: Benefits You Get from Curved Monitors

More soothing to eyes and reduce strain:

Gaming is an intense visual activity wherein your eyes constantly witness fast-paced motion. With a flat screen that exceeds your natural sight, you are bound to face fatigue and strain as your eyes. On the other hand, a curved monitor reduces stress on your eyes. All because of its curvature, which helps your eyes view everything at once without strain.

Better view offers an immersive experience:

Imagine you are sitting in front of a flat monitor. You will notice that the view from the screen centre is different from the sides of the screen. This uneven vision in the flat screen causes distinction and spoils your experience.

On the other hand, curved gaming monitors have inward arching sides, which ensures the same viewing distance and every detail is in line with your sight. This peripheral vision enhances vision and that too seamlessly.

Even colour consistency brings awareness:

A large flat screen comes with certain discomforts. Firstly, with flat screens, you have to move your head to see what's happening at the edge of the screen. You might even miss your enemy lurking in the game before you turn your head. And, even if you do, the colour inconsistency around the edges is bound to distract you.

A curved display removes all such discomfort and offers a seamless experience from the centre to the edge of the screen. It ensures you have an eye on every part of the screen and are engaged in your game.


A flat screen may be an affordable monitor option for people who play games casually. But for gaming, curved monitors are undoubtedly a cost-efficient investment for professional gamers and streamers, even casual players who can justify the price tag.