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How PCNOK is able to offer All Type of Solution

Overview of PCNOK

Pcnok (Patient Care Network), in computerized wellbeing, addresses a key answer for help the constantly sick and the old both in the wellbeing, care and restoration fields and to help the maturing of the populace.


With social removing, the limits of development due to the Coronavirus crisis and the subsequent expansion in pathologies connected with stationary way of life, the requirement for broad utilization of online answers for remotely screen delicate subjects is significantly more felt.

What is a Patient Care Network?

The PCNOK is the arrangement of 19 local area medical services communities of Oklahoma which was established in 2014 in the US. Patient care network is a mechanical arrangement that permits you to check the wellbeing status of patients at home because of gadgets associated with the organization and frameworks for sharing the clinical boundaries recognized.

It is focused on medical care experts who treat de-hospitalized or persistently sick patients, frequently old, who need to follow a drawn out treatment and in this manner should be observed after some time.

The boundaries recognized by the patient in complete independence, for instance, through wearable gadgets, are naturally communicated to an activities place and imparted to the consideration group progressively, permitting the advancement of the sickness to be continually checked. Beside this, the PCNOK association supports different kinds of common contracting interests, like the buying of individuals' inclinations.

There are 25 representatives working with the Patient care network of Oklahoma and every one of them are endeavoring to give the best medical care administrations to everybody. The PCNOK teams up with different associations to give the best treatment to every patient and to acquire the association's information. Beside this, they likewise team up with different gatherings to further develop medical care administrations.

The remote checking, steady and proactive, permits confirming the suitability of the treatment and the right admission of medications. In case of irregularities in the boundaries distinguished, the framework consequently cautions the medical care staff, who can mediate rapidly and adjust the therapy.

Benefits and Advantages of PCNOK

For medical services experts

Observing the boundaries at home permits wellbeing laborers to work in shrewd functioning as from the emergency clinic tasks focus and, simultaneously, screen more patients.

For the patient:

From home the patient feels cared and safe. On account of associated care, he is animated to follow the treatment and embrace right ways of life. Likewise, he is more independent in dealing with his condition.

For the SSN

Patient Care network makes it conceivable to lessen admittance to the trauma center and the over-burdening of designs. Furthermore, it permits you to save home admittance to those in genuine need. Because of far off help, containing the disease between medical care experts, patients and relatives is more straightforward.

For relatives

Relatives and guardians can depend on the steady oversight of the medical issue of their general by the wellbeing faculty, with the assurance that any intense or peculiarities will be quickly distinguished and managed.

For the environment

  • Moving information lessens traffic and CO2 discharges.
  • Multi-channel Patient Consideration: the Wellbeing at the Home stage. 

The I-Tel Home Wellbeing Telemedicine solution permits you to make due, direction and set up a bunch of computerized administrations for counteraction, distant help and patient consideration. 

From TV to mix with wearable gadgets to chatbots and applications, it works on the administration of administrations on the side of families to treat (and be careful) the older, constantly sick and delicate individuals. 

Wellbeing at Home, a solitary multi-channel stage for:

  • support medical services staff in characterizing care plans
  • Home Patient Consideration Organization for Coronavirus patients in trustee segregation
  • to recognize clinical boundaries from a distance, likewise through clinical gadgets
  • communicate with patients on numerous stations
  • make and oversee checking activities focuses
  • Some remote observing and far off help ventures of which I-Tel is a mechanical accomplice
  • energize teleconsultation between wellbeing experts
  • SOS Shrewd Ostomy Backing, Associated Care for the remote consideration of the ostomy patient

Main concern:

PCNOK gives you complete viable patient consideration from the calling for patients. for the total safe treatment to your cherished one from your place, You should incorporate a patient consideration network for their treatment.