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SW418 Live Sabong Online - Is This Platform Scam Or Legit?

With the rise of online gaming due to the lockdowns of the Covid pandemic, many online betting websites have cropped up. Most of these sites specify that they are safe and legit. However, the truth behind such statements can be highly debatable. The same can be said for SW418 Sabong Online.

Sw418 Live

This Filipino website has become pretty famous recently because it hosts high-stakes cockfighting games where you can bet real money. However, the legitimacy of this website is still in question.

If you also wish to know whether this website is legit or a scam, then simply read this article. Here, you will get to know what you can play on this website, along with how to register. In addition, you will also find some truths regarding its legitimacy.

What Is SW418 Live Sabong Online?

SW418 Sabong Online is a pretty famous Filipino website. On this website, you can play various kinds of online games. In most of these games, you can bet real money. Most of the games here depend on bets and the circulation of real money. Therefore, it has become a sort of gambling website for its users.

To start playing games here, you need to register your account and sign up. After that, you need to link your bank account with the website to get virtual coins that you can use to make bets. Due to its highly addictive gambling system, many people have the same question in mind - “Is SW418 Legit?”

One of the most interesting facts about this website is the fact that there are no minimum and maximum bets. You can bet as low as just one Peso in each of the bets. In addition, you will also get cash incentives if you are on a winning streak, which makes your rewards that much juicier.

How To Register Your Account In SW418 Sabong Online?

To start playing betting games on SW418 Sabong Online, you need to SW418 Sign Up and register your account. However, most people get confused on how to do so since the website is in the Filipino language.

Therefore, if you have the same problem, then fret not. We are here to help you register and activate your account at SW418 Sabong Online. To do so, we have set up the guidelines, which you can read and follow below:

  1. Visit the official website of SW418 Sabong Online -
  2. At the top of the page, you will see an option in green called Play It Now. Click on it.
  3. Now, you will be redirected to a new page called the Sign Up page. This page contains the registration sign-up form. Here, you need to fill out all the details of the signup form. It will ask you to give your Name, Email address, and mobile number.
  4. After you are done filling up this form, you will be asked to give your SW418 Username and Password.
  5. After you are done filling up all the necessary details, you need to verify your email address and mobile number after an OTP is sent to them respectively.
  6. After you input your OTTP codes and verify your credentials, click on the Sign Up option to finish the registration process.

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What Can You Play At SW418 Sabong Online?

After you register your account here at SW418 Sabong Online, it's time for you to start playing all the games here.

Currently, there are four games that you can play right now. They are:

Digital Cocktail

Digital Cocktail is just another name for virtual cockfighting. Here, two highly trained cocks fight with each other to push each other out of the ring or incapacitate. The names of the cocks on stage and their trainers will be shown at the bottom of the screen.

WPC 2029

Here, players can bet real-world cash in the form of SW418 Sabong coins. Each coin costs a certain amount of Pesos - which is the accepted form of Filipino currency. Therefore, you need to convert your money online to Pesos before you can start betting.

Lucky 9

Lucky 9 is just another name for Baccarat. It is one of the most popular casino games that is played globally in almost all casinos. Here, a dealer will be present to deal with your cards. All the players play virtually and make bets accordingly with other players.

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Color Game

Color Game, as the name suggests, is a pretty simple game for casual players who do not wish to get into hardcore betting games. This game is the same as the Roulettes in casinos. Here, you need to pick a color from the ones that are available on the Roulette board. After all the bets are placed, the dealer will spin the board, and the color the spinner lands on is the winning color.


In this game at SW418 Sabong Online, several balls will be spun and jiggled inside a container. All the balls will have a number assigned to them. After the end of the spin, three balls will pop out of the container. If the tidal of the numbers on the balls match the number you chose, you win!

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Final Verdict - Is SW418 Sabong Online Legit Or A Scam?

Now, we come to the answer you are reading this article for - is SW418 Legit, or is it a scam?

The answer to this question is pretty dicey since SW418 Sabong Online provides various cash prizes to ioy6s top winners and daily betters. Most people find that this is too good to be true. Moreover, the large player base globally might be enough to prove that it is a legit website.

However, we would still recommend you be cautious about betting on this website if you are not from the Philippines. In addition, it's best not to bet on such websites where all deals take place virtually online. In the end, the final decision lies in your hands.