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Top ten ways to win over your boss

It goes without saying that employees and workers should have to be on the good books of their bosses as it can affect their job security. Employees around the world strive to show up on time to their work and deliver quality work to their bosses.

win over your boss

An employee’s relationship with their boss is the most important career relationship they could build and maintain. This is due to the fact that the boss is in charge of the employee’s career trajectory. A bad relationship with the boss can seriously impact an employee’s future with the company and make it untenable. This can lead to a situation where the employee will probably have to look for another job opportunity. The employee should take up pre-emptive steps before the relationship with the boss reaches that level.  

Here are ten ways for an employee to win over their boss

The first and best way for an employee to ensure that their relationship with the boss never sours is to get to know them. This way the employee gets to know what the boss’s preferences are and can do their work according to these preferences. The employee can understand how the boss likes these things from observing the boss’s habits and behaviours. 

Bosses are usually in charge of large groups and teams that strive towards accomplishing the company’s goals. One of the main responsibilities that a boss has is ensuring that all the members of a team or group are working cohesively and in an efficient manner to accomplish the goals. An employee can get into the good graces with a boss by becoming a team player. An employee dedicating themselves wholeheartedly towards a group’s goals and working as a group will let the boss know that the employee is dedicated. 

Another way for an employee to impress the boss is to take responsibility. The employee can take up responsibilities in the company in more ways than one. This means taking up responsibility in terms of taking up work on their own behalf without any prompts from the boss or other colleagues. 

Taking responsibility also means that the employee owns up to any mistakes that they may have committed to the boss before the boss finds out. Everyone makes mistakes and it is almost unavoidable however bosses appreciate employees who own up to their mistakes and try to avoid them in the future. 

Once a job seeker gets a job after a long and hard job hunt, they have a tendency to become complacent. People also tend to lose motivation and stop working as hard when they have been at a job for a significant period of time. Bosses tend to frown on such behaviour and prefer employees who still have a thirst to learn and want to get better at what they do. Showing ambition and thirst for knowledge while working to refine a person’s skills are all qualities every boss appreciates. 

Bosses love employees who take up the initiative and are go-getters in nature. Bosses want to see expressions of passion in their employees at the workplace and when they are doing tasks. Employees who take up responsibility and display commitment endear themselves to their bosses. 

One of the fundamentals of being a good employee and something that all bosses appreciate is punctuality. When employees aren’t punctual it can create a lot of problems that affect the entire company's productivity and the timeline by which certain tasks have to be completed. Employees who aren’t punctual in nature knowingly or unknowingly emit a lackadaisical view to the boss and the boss will view the employee in a negative light. 

Another way an employee can win over their boss is by aligning their own priorities and goals with the bosses’ priorities. When the boss realizes that the employee’s priorities coincide with that of their own, they are more likely to reward the employee. The boss understands that the employee has taken it upon themselves to try and achieve the goals along with themselves. 

A way to become a trusted employee that the boss depends on is to take constructive feedback. It is only natural for a boss to provide some form of feedback to their employees and it is up to the employee on how they choose to receive it. The employee can either take the criticism and get defensive and absolve themselves of all types of blame or they can choose to ignore it altogether. Bosses appreciate employees who can take criticism in a positive manner and learn from the criticism to improve their productivity. 

Bosses like employees who know their own weaknesses and try to overcome these weaknesses. Bosses like employees who will either go back and learn new skills or gain knowledge through educational courses or work on themselves by refining their skills from experience. 

Why should an employee have a good relationship with their boss?

It’s critical for employees to have healthy relationships with their bosses as it has many benefits. Some of these benefits include: 

The boss directly covers so many aspects of the employees’ lives that can lead to stressful situations. This stress primarily about job opportunities can significantly impact an employee’s physical and mental health.

A good relationship with the boss leads to a good chance of an upwards career trajectory for the employee. The boss can recommend the employee for promotions, pay raises, and other perks from the company.

Employees spend a significant amount of time at their workplace and therefore it would greatly benefit them if they have a good relationship with their boss. A good relationship will help keep the workplace atmosphere great for the employee. 

What are the characteristics of a good relationship between the boss and the employee? 

There are some key indicators that show if the relationship between the boss and the employee is healthy and positive. These indicators include: 

There is a level of trust that exists between the employee and boss where they trust each other to look out for each other’s best interest.

The boss has a level of respect for the employee’s time, competence, and personal space. The employee should have respect for the boss’s creativity, insight, wisdom, and leadership to achieve the company’s goals. 

There is open communication that is honest in nature and there is no level of secrecy between both parties.


The employee doesn’t have to go to extremes and extravagant lengths in order to have a positive relationship with their boss. They only need to focus on their own work and tweak some of their behaviours in order to please their bosses. Apply the latest job by skills and location with