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Boxed Packaged Goods: The Correct Way to Pack Them

Looking at boxed packaged goods for the right packaging. Folding cartons that drove the bundling business for more than 100 years are now billions of dollars. It depends on your requirement that how to fold. Boxed packaged goods are now more popular than before due to the movement through online shopping the entire world is going through.


Customized Packaging Boxes

There are so many questions that arise especially when comes to the manufacturer. When we have to ship the electronics products for boxed packaged goods lots of packaging materials are available.

Sometimes it is confusing which packaging material is best for goods package and what is the best way for shipping material different. Should we use custom boxes with different shapes? Box packaging is one of the cheap and best environment-friendly ways to wrap your goods.


As of now, long-distance shipping is very common so packaging material should be more protective and cost-effective. In that case for providing a positive customer experience, retail packaging plays an important role.

So let's discuss which type of goods are used for boxed packaging and what is the type of boxed packaging.


Types of Boxed Packaged Goods:


Different type of boxed packaged goods which needs a proper type of packaging is:


. Jewelry

. cloth

. perfumes

. Medicines

. Electronics

. Food Products


Types of boxes used for boxed packaged goods:


There are main two types of cartons that are used for packaging are sturdy cartons and folding cartons. Folding cartons are usually made from cardboard or fiberboard.


The next one is a sturdy carton that is mostly used for making shoe boxes. These two types of cartons are also used for electronics and clothing.


There is five main categories for packing depending on construction and material.

Cardboard Boxes


Cardboard boxes are made from thick paper-based materials whose weighs are over 250 GSM. These types of boxes look attractive and consider perfect for retail purposes. These types of boxes can be easily printed and laminated for water resistance and strength purpose.


Cardboard Boxes


Advantage of cardboard boxes:


  1. These boxes are highly flexible.
  2. We can easily make boxes with different shapes and sizes.
  3. Contain very little weight.
  4. Easily printable and flexible packing design.
  5. Easily recyclable.
  6. Best for all kinds of goods ranging from food to electronics.


With having so many advantages there are some disadvantages also. These types of boxes are not perfect for extremely heavy goods. They can be easily deformed whenever presented with water. They can easily distort when stacked depending on the weight of boxes.


Corrugated Boxes for Boxed Packaged Goods


These boxes are different from a cardboard boxes. Corrugated means a combination of corrugated materials which are made from three thick paperboard sheets. The middle sheet is in rippled shape and the outer two sheets are flat. These three layers are glued along with thick paste that is very normal in the packaging business.


Corrugated Boxes


Benefits of Corrugated Boxes


  1. They are safe from moisture.
  2. They can be easily customized.
  3. Recycle easily.
  4. Lightweight and cost-effective
  5. Keep materials safe during handling and transportation

Aseptic box for boxed packaged goods


These are multilayered cartons mainly used for refrigerated food. They are mainly used to store juice, desserts, baby food, and soups and milk. An airtight lid is provided on the top of these types of boxes. It makes them reusable.


Aseptic box


These types of boxes are used for liquid storage. Aseptic boxes not only increase the shelf life of goods but also conserve their color, texture, and nutritional value.


Chipboard Packaging for boxed packaged goods


It is available in a different range of wall thickness from 10 pts to a surplus of 100 pts. These are mainly used in POP applications and display purposes.  Chipboard Packaging boxed packaged goods are mainly used in the packing of toothpaste, medicine, and perfume.


Chipboard packaging

Rigid Boxes Packaging


These boxed packaged goods are made from highly condensed paperboard which is 4 times stronger than a standard folding carton. It also allows printing due to high-end finishing. These boxed packaged goods are best for electronics items. You cannot ship products directly with this type of packing. You need at least one outer box for shipping.


Rigid Boxes Packaging



Benefits of Rigid Box Packaging as Boxed Packaged Goods:


  1. Give premium look suitable for high-end electronics products.
  2. Customize easily.
  3. Non-collapsible packing.
  4. Biodegradable packing is possible.




You can use more than one box for one boxed packaged goods. For example, you can use Rigid Boxes for the internal packing of sensitive electronics items and a cardboard box for outer box packing. There are several ways for packing depending on you how you use boxed packaged goods.


In the packaging industry packing boxes are involved in every requirement. Boxed packaged goods are an excellent option for packaging.